web hosts are golden

Web hosting is essential if you want to take control of your own web site.

It allows you to decide what goes on your site and how your site will present itself to the world.

As it is obviously such an important part of the new ‘online equation’ I felt it needed to be treated as such and so have dedicated my site to providing as much information as I can to help you make the best decision in choosing your web host and then to get the best out of your web hosting.

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Blog To Win!

Blog To Win

Blog to win customers. Everyone is blogging about this amazing new discovery – Great Content! Great content will be the elixir we have all been searching for to bring us boundless success and wealth beyond measure.

Over the top?

OK, just a tad. It’s just that the blogosphere’s a glow with the mantra and oft repeated phrase “Content is King!” as if we don’t already know this.

headline shockerAn interesting headline caught my eye today which read “66% of bloggers that post weekly or more frequently have acquired a customer.” Hopefully more than just the one but one for every post at least!

The other headline that sticks in my mind I believe comes from Mark Twain “There are lies, damn lies and statistics”.

The truth of the matter is that currently there is no better way of attracting potential customers than to offer some good quality content. We have become writers overnight by necessity and to be honest you either know how to communicate through the written word or you don’t.

My preferred style, although I didn’t know it was a style until I became a full time writer, is to write like I talk (without the drooling, spitting and stutt…ttering). Not a style that will have William Shakespeare quivering in his grave but one I hope is easy to read and understand.

To Blog Or not to blogI am now feeling highly self-conscious and will smoothly change back to the subject of this post which, in case you hadn’t guessed, was about blogging to gain customers.

Connect with your audience, know what they are looking for and give them more than they expect. Follow this philosophy and you wont go too far wrong.

People think in pictures so give them images to keep them interested. Posts without images or video are more than 80% unfinished (lies, damn……..). So, make sure you make your blogs visually appealing.

Share through every possible medium so that people can find your blog, like you and share it with their friends too. If, like most bloggers, you use WordPress then you will be able to follow SEO onpage tips to make your posts more readily found.

sharing is caring
Sharing is Caring is Social

After a while if you keep posting on a regular basis (come on how hard is it to spend an hour every other day writing a post?) you will already be ahead of the majority of your so-called competition.

Post daily tips or share your thoughts on how to help your audience solve a problem and you are on your way to expert status. Help enough people, write an e-book or make a video and you are nearing Guru status.

Be careful how far you take this as you could end up being ……………………… better than me!



Highlighting Typical Web Hosting Errors

web hosting

Falling for the price trap.

Yes, many different companies offer free web hosting services with no apparent cost. However, a common setback is most of these free web hosting plans do not offer sufficient features you need for your website and/or most of them force you to place advertisements on your website.

You don’t have to go free to save money. In many cases a far better option is to sift through the many reputable companies offer web hosting from as little as one dollar. You will be amazed at the level of service and support you can get at this price range, for them $1 hosting is a chance to show what they can offer and many tend to over deliver.

Inexperienced reseller.

Hosting with a reseller is not a bad thing. However, you need to do extensive research – sometimes a reseller is very good all-around but inexperienced when it comes to scripts and server environments.

Not clearly defining your requirements.

You should keep a list of what resources your website needs and add to that list as it grows. This will make it easier when you need to upgrade your web hosting services in the future.

Forgiving a host’s bad or limited website.

If a web hosting provider cannot or would not take the time to put together an informative website for their own business, most likely they won’t be too concerned about yours either. Look out for cookie cutter websites.

Putting all your eggs in one basket.

If you manage several websites, it may seem like a good idea to have everything in one account. You can simplify your billing and get a better deal. But that’s not always the case. If your websites generates income and they are all interconnected, having all of them down at the same time is bad.

Not keeping a record of your host’s contact information.

Many of us are satisfied with email, forum and live support. But when your web hosting provider is down for days, including their own site, you won’t be able to contact them at all if you don’t have any records of their telephone number.

Relying on host backups.

This is the biggy! Always keep your own backups, even if your web hosting provider performs backups as well. It happens far too often – a customer’s website goes down indefinitely and they couldn’t put the website on another web hosting provider because they didn’t have any backups of their own.

Trusting your host to have the latest software.

New software or latest patches are meant to plug security holes. Check with your web hosting provider what versions they are running and how often they make updates before you purchase web hosting services from them.

In the web hosting world, you don’t have to commit all these unnecessary errors. You can avoid them quite easily once you opt to subscribe with a reputable and professional web hosting service provider that offers the most competent and the best technical support team to assist and guide you with any technical issues you may meet along the way.



Ideas On How To Get The Most Our Of Your Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovationsPicking the best kitchen sink is a significant component of planning your bathroom renovations melbourne. A sink should last 20 years or more, so you need to ensure you choose the one that fits both you and your kitchen. There are a lot of things when picking a brand new kitchen sink todecide. Below are a few of the primary concerns

Stainless steel sinks are becoming ever more popular. It’s lustrous, permanent and simple to clean. But, it can scrape or chip over time, and cast iron is considerably heavier than other substances. These are not as lasting as other substances however, and might not be quite patient to high temperature. Solid surface sinks are produced from exactly the same stuff as solid surface countertops. This leads to a smooth seamless appearance, with a permanent surface that is simple to wash. Solid surfaces are more costly yet, and this might influence your choice depending in your budget.

Stone sinks – generally of granite, soapstone or marble – can supply an oldworld feel to your room and add a touch.You’ll have to determine how many bowls you desire, when selecting a brand new kitchen sink. This may rely on the size and layout of the kitchen as well as your own personal taste. Having two bowls makes for easier handwashing, but should you own a dishwasher then one sink might be sufficient to just wash your bigger pots and pans. Bowl depth can change also – you may like one deep bowl for washing, then a smaller and moreshallow bowl for preparing food or emptying. Bowl shape is also something to consider: square corners amass buildup of grime and soap and might appear fashionable but are more difficult to clean.

Undermount sinks are supported underneath with no rim showing and fitted under the counter-top. This makes a much smoother appearance and enables you to brush or wipe things straight to the sink with no catch points. Flush mount is like the selfrimming installation approach, but combined with a countertop.